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So many of us are “always on the run”, but ironically forget the importance of daily exercise. Find something you enjoy that gets you moving, stick to it for a month, and the feeling of improved overall wellness will remind you to keep at it! One of the most incredible activities to get into is running…and as any seasoned runner will tell you, the benefits are abundant. From clinically proven reductions in overall anxiety to enhanced cognitive performance, getting a habit of running benefits people of all ages. This is especially true when we are able to take advantage of sunshine and fresh air at the same time. Training regularly improves performance physically and mentally.

Marlton, New Jersey is a mini gold mine as far as environmentally fantastic experiences go, for runners of all levels. Other than the 1,000+ trails that local runners have marked out as seen here, there are several notable spots when you’re ready to hit the road. First and foremost, lace up and head over to Black Run Preserve for the most epic scenery around, will multiple trail options of varying lengths. Paths are marked off and you can follow a printed map for extra security if you’d like. Known as the 1,300 acre natural gem, this is the spot on your go-getter motivated days and/or for your rest-day walking paths. (Added bonus: dog friendly!)

Besides good location, Marlton is also home to several annual races that runners of various levels can get involved in. Whichever you choose, remember to prioritize stretching along with your training. Stretching will prevent injuries and allow you to keep on keeping on.

This site is a great source for finding races, and encouraging runners to make time to run with and for community.

There are really so many variations to the races offered locally that anyone, newbie or ninja running master, can find something to enjoy.

The Annual Marlton Mayor’s Cup 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run is one of our most beloved events, including options for all ages and training levels.


ShopRite’s Partners in Caring 5K to Stamp Out Hunger, and Food Memories Annual Cancer 5K Run/Walk are two local races for those who want to multitask their energy output. With these races, personal physical enjoyment meshes with community engagement to bring help, hope, and healing where it is needed most.

There are even kid series races that happen right here in our hometown. Check this link for dates and sign up info.

For a total family thrill, mark your calendar for the Jingle All the Way 5K and Gingerbread Kids Run, a multi-fashioned event that combines engagement for all ages with holiday fun, festive themed swag, and of course a few cookies for proper seasonal compensation.

Running is a blast, no matter what age you are. So grab some running shoes, sign up for a local race, and give it a try. It’s time to stretch your limits and impress yourself and others with a new, super awesome activity… Let’s go!

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