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Our mission is to focus on a goal oriented, manual therapy approach that strives to restore your optimal health and reach your maximum physical potential.

Dr. James Matthews is changing the way people think about joint problems and muscle health. Matthews Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation focuses on a goal oriented, manual therapy approach that strives to restore your optimal health and reach your maximum physical potential.

Dr. James Matthews offers special expertise in treatment and conservative management of spine and musculoskeletal disorders. Dr. Matthews has undergone extensive Graston Technique training as well as FAKTR-PM certification. Graston Technique is the leading form of non-surgical treatment for scar tissue development in muscles and joints. FAKTR-PM is a cutting edge approach to rehabilitation. It’s focus is to restore function to an injured body part by assessing the person as a whole, locating and strengthening areas of weakness and returning normal muscle tissue strength to weakened areas. This method of treatment often yields faster, more productive results. By combining these advanced techniques in addition to traditional chiropractic treatment, our patients are getting better faster and are staying healthier longer. Patients seeking care at with us can be assured they will receive the latest research tested and patient driven care available to them in the Greater Philadelphia area

Brian L.

If you’ve never had back pain then you are lucky. If you ever do I hope you are lucky enough to think of contacting Dr. Matthews. In just a few sessions with Jim he was able to provide me with significant relief from my back spasms. In just three weeks time I had a complete recovery. Thank you Dr. Matthews!

David D.

Dr. Matthews understands what his patients need in their care. He goes above and beyond the level of care I would expect to receive at a Chiropractor. Feeling more aligned and better after each visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Matthews’ practice, and already have!

John G

I have had a great experience since my very first visit. I went in with foot and Achilles pain. Dr. Mathews immediately identified the problem and got to work. I’m back to feeling great, no longer physically limited, and I’m experiencing great sleep since the pain has gone away. I’d recommend this establishment to anyone to help with any aches and pains, especially if you’re an active individual.

Meredith R

Dr. Matthews is one of the best chiropractors in South Jersey. I was referred to him after a back injury and he quickly came up with a treatment plan that works. Super friendly and personable. The office staff is also super helpful and welcoming. Highly recommend for back pain or sports related injuries.

Ruth R

I recently had to stop going to Dr. Matthews, my schedule wouldn’t allow it. I felt lousy. I am now thankfully back on track. What a difference it has made! I would recommend coming to Dr. Matthews to anyone!

Dave E

Friendly and knowledgeable doctor, with a great staff. After several knee surgeries coupled with a spinal condition, the only reason I am able to continue to still enjoy sports is Dr. Matthews.

Juni M

Dr.Matthews doesn’t just treat the pain, he looks for its source and works from there. He is attentive and knowledgeable. Most importantly, I trust him. I know he’s got my back😉.

Brian M

Doctor Mathews and his friendly staff provide a top quality experience for continuing care. Thanks to everybody at Mathews. I recommend them highly.

Jill P

Dr. Matthews addresses my issues with knowledge and expertise. Very friendly and accommodating staff!

Our Services

We create a complex care plan that uniquely meets the needs of each of our customers. See below a few of our offerings.

Back Pain

Chronic back pain can arise from various sources such as prior injury, poor posture and movement patterns, tight muscles, or even as a conditioned response from the brain. Thankfully, in many cases, back pain can be significantly improved with a treatment plan from Dr Matthews and staff.

Sports Injury

Exercise and athleticism are a good way to improve overall health. However, physical activity also raises the risk of suffering a musculoskeletal sports injury. Matthews Chiropractic can help you recover from athletic injuries, helping you return to play as soon as possible.

Graston Technique

Dr Matthews is a certified practitioner of the Graston Technique. Graston therapy enables the treatment of scar tissue and soft tissue injuries to restore the range of motion, eliminating pain, and restoring your normal lifestyle.

Massage Therapy

As part of a whole body well being a massage is a great way to keep your body operating at peak efficiency.  Schedule a massage to work on your muscle tension and knots during the course of your care.

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2001 Lincoln Dr W Suite B  Marlton , NJ 08053